MasonDesk has been completely rewritten from the ground up to provide a richer user experience and more control over how you view your Lodge’s data. 
It’s Almost Here!

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A tool no Mason should be without


Create the reports and queries you need to display your lodges information just the way you need it with the all new Reports & Query Designer.  Almost all of the data elements captured with MasonDesk are accessible from the new designer.

The future is now... With MasonDesk you can now speak to MasonDesk to tell it what to do.   For example, you can say, “Lookup brother Bob Smith” and MasonDesk will look for and open up Bob’s record. (Requires Microphone)

Keep up with tasks and events for yourself and your Lodge.  Including Recurring appointments or events.

New! Report & Query Designer

New! Voice Control

New! Organizer Control

Tasks and Appointments

Tell MasonDesk what to do...

Visually layout the reports

Masondesk is jam packed with more than 40 reports that get you the information you need fast.  

Power at your fingertips...

Get more done in less time!

MasonDesk is now in Beta testing.  If you’re not familiar with what beta testing we’ll provide you with a quick overview.  

Beta testing is when a product is used by a select group of users that are willing to report back to the developers with the problems that they find with a the software.

If you’re interested in beta testing, please contact us at techsupp@helpconsulting.netet


Interested in Testing?