MasonDesk has been completely rewritten from the ground up to provide a richer user experience and more control over how you view your Lodge’s data. 
It’s Almost Here!

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A tool no Mason should be without


Until the final build of 2.0 is ready for release, version 1.62 is being made available for download.


Version 1.62

If your lodge does not have internet access you can download version 1.62 and copy it to a thumb drive.  If you’re not too familiar with copying files to thumb drives, we have developed a utility that you can use that will download and place the MasonDesk installed on your thumb drive

Download Thumb Drive Builder

MasonDesk Thumb Drive Builder


Simply run the downloaded EXE and follow the prompts on the screen.  It will detect when you insert your Thumb Drive and place the latest available build of Mason Desk installer on your drive.  Once it has finished you can remove the thumb drive and take it your computer that does not have Internet access.